Fruit leather

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fruktlær 1 (640x420)

In the storage, there is a box where Heffanutt put fruit leather he made last fall

fruktlær 2 (577x640)

There is only one big piece left. Best to share with Ant King

fruktlær 3 (640x458)

Ant King loves fruit leather too

fruktlær 4 (640x410)

Fruit leather is, well yeah, leathery, and they have to use all their strength-  

fruktlær 5 (640x377)

fruktlær 6 (640x439)


cartoon, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing, Heffanutt, Heffanutts kitchen
Brennesle 1 (640x640)

Heffanutt decided to harvest nettles for dinner today. Lots of fresh green nettles.


Brennesle 2 (640x595)

But when he stepped into the lush green, he didn`t see that it was a hole in the ground right where he put his foot.


Brennesle 3 (640x551)

The nettles are full of tiny needle-like hairs, which is difficult to see, but oh so easy to feel. Poor Heffanutt carefully walking out of the field, stung over and over again. Ouch


Brennesle 4 (498x640)

With the feeling of hundreds of “bit” Heffanutt tries to ease the pain.


Brennesle 5 (640x388)

He has heard that cucumber might ease the pain – maybe it doesn`t but he will try anyway. 


Brennesle 6 (640x628)

Hopefully he will be ok soon. 

A rainy day and a beetle

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Regnværsdag ovalen 1 (640x417)

On a rainy day, there is one thing I really like to do. I will go and visit my beetle.


Regnværsdag ovalen 2 (640x375)

Sometimes I bring something nice to drink, a snack and a good book.


Regnværsdag ovalen 3 (640x592)

In the back seat of the beetle, I always have a nice wooly blanket.


Regnværsdag ovalen 4 (588x640)

I`ll take my shoes off and snuggle up.


Regnværsdag ovalen 5 (640x444)

There is nothing like sitting there listening to the rain, smelling the smells of an old beetle, and looking out the little oval window.

Social gathering – Introverted life

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Sosial sammenkomst introvert 1 (640x459)

I struggle to get new friends during social gatherings. I never come up with things to say fast enough, I find small talk difficult, and the person I meet walk away, thinking I`m a bore.  I love to be social, so this is one of the toughest parts of being an introvert to me.


Sosial sammenkomst introvert 2 (640x454)

I know this is a typical trait, but it makes me sad and I feel like I`m broken, that it is something wrong with me.


Sosial sammenkomst introvert 3 (640x481)

After a “thousand” experiences like this, I give up, ending up alone in a corner somewhere

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 4 (640x447)

When I feel like I`ve been there long enough I sneak out and walk home feeling that I did something wrong. Everybody else seems to have a good time talking with each other

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 5 (640x481)

The following days I come up with lots of things I could have said and done. Oh brain, why wouldn`t you tell me this when I was there. Times like that I often wish I was an extrovert.

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 6 (640x478)

Knowing this is going to happen every time I go to a social gathering I try to avoid them, feeling bad at the same time. The people inviting me will never invite me again. I have to choose, either end up alone in a corner or come up with a bad excuse and spend a night with a conscious constantly beating me up for not going.

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 7 (640x462)

Meeting a person that gives me time is so rare that when it happens I`m so happy and relieved that I don`t know what to do of pure joy