How to dress in winter

Ant King, cartoon, drawing, illustration, imagination, pencil

First, you start with your underwear, long sleeves preferably, and if not allergic, wool.

Then another layer of wool (or fleece), a fluffy layer this time. Because as weird as it might sound, the air inside the stitches/fluff warms the body.

And then maybe – if very, very cold – another layer of wool. Because this is a cartoon, we do ad another layer

Now comes layer four (or three) It is a thin outer layer. It can be used both as an outer layer or under the last layer. Depending on how warm you are. Or the temperature.

Now to the last layer, a thick layer, like putting on your duvet.

And then accessories, like gloves, extra socks, shoes, scarfs, hats and so on…

Finally, all set to go outside.

Oh, well…..

Let`s start from the beginning.