Postcard from Oslo, Norway, The IronRoses

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The following days of the Oslo attack in Oslo and on Utøya July 22nd, 2011 a sea of roses grew in front of the Oslo Cathedral and in the streets.  The two artists Tobbe Malm and Tone Mørk Karlsrud was deeply moved and inspired by this and started The IronRoses project.  They invited blacksmiths all over the world to forge iron roses and send them to Norway.  Over the years many blacksmiths came personally to present their roses.

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Survivors and others affected were invited to Tobbes workshop to forge their own roses.  The final work consisting of 1000 roses are assembled into a sculpture, as a symbol of engagement and solidarity.  The project has now found its place in the Cathedral Park close to where the original roses sea was.

Link to The IronRose project: