Postcard from Oslo, Norway, The Memorial Park, St. Olav’s Monastery

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St. Olav’s Monastery (and St. Olavs church)

St. Olav’s Monastery from the 13th century is the best-preserved town monastery in the country.

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There are still existing complete rooms, but they are only accessible as part of a guided tour or in connection with events.

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The Olav’s Monastery (Dominican Order), built in 1240, was a conversion of the former St. Olav’s Church. King Håkon Håkonsson donated the St. Olav Church to the order of the Dominicans, which was a new order at the time. The Dominicans were also called the Order of Preachers as they preached to the public and their income had to be donated as gifts. It was therefore important that they had a central location.

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The St.Olav church was expanded with a new choir and a larger nave. An east wing was constructed at a straight angle from the choir. This now forms the cellar beneath the bishop`s residence.  The eastern wing was built using limestone from Ekeberg.  The two other wings now ruins, completed the friary`s quadrangle. These held the kitchen and dining room. These wings were built using bricks.

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