Animals of the world, Red fox

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  • The red fox is the largest species of fox
  • They are found in Europe, Canada, USA, Asia, Australia, and North Africa
  • Foxes usually live in forested areas, though they are also found in mountains, grasslands, and deserts
  • It is named red fox because of its beautiful reddish, often shiny coat,  but it can have a coat in shades of orange, black and brown too.
  • The red fox has a long tail covering about 30% of the body
  •  It has the largest natural distribution of any land mammal except human beings
  • Their eyes are coloured yellow/gold and they have distinctive vertical pupils
  • Their sharp claws stay out all the time
  • they are able to run at speeds of up to 70 Km/h (45 mph).
  • They have amazing eyesight, also at night
  • The red fox hunt at dusk and night and can often walk long distances, they rest at daytime
  • The Red Fox will eat just about any of food it can find
  • Foxes can eat up to several pounds of food a day. What they don’t eat, they often bury under leaves or snow for later
  • Foxes have excellent hearing. They can hear low-frequency sounds
  • The average lifespan in the wild is short – from 2 until 5 years


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