Energy level 0

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An introvert needs a recharge


Flatt batteri 1 (640x548)

Ant King: Hello? Bird? You must wake up and post today’s drawing. BIRD!!!

Flatt batteri 2 (608x640)

Noo…Wake up!!

Flatt batteri 3 (640x386)


Flatt batteri 4 (509x640)

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Earlier today:

Flatt batteri 5 (640x519)

At least she`s up and going again…

Flatt batteri 6 (640x504)

Flatt batteri 7 (640x613)

Finally new drawings for you, sorry about the delay.


Alone together – Introverted life

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Alene sammen 1 (640x421)

I love being quiet together with a close friend or two. Spending time without the need to say a word. 

Alene sammen 2 (640x496)

I also love listening to my friends talking, be there, feeling the atmosphere.

Alene sammen 3 (640x488)

It makes me feel so relaxed and safe

Alene sammen 4 (640x324)

Sometimes so relaxed that I fall asleep. H: Bird? Hello?

Social gathering – Introverted life

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Sosial sammenkomst introvert 1 (640x459)

I struggle to get new friends during social gatherings. I never come up with things to say fast enough, I find small talk difficult, and the person I meet walk away, thinking I`m a bore.  I love to be social, so this is one of the toughest parts of being an introvert to me.


Sosial sammenkomst introvert 2 (640x454)

I know this is a typical trait, but it makes me sad and I feel like I`m broken, that it is something wrong with me.


Sosial sammenkomst introvert 3 (640x481)

After a “thousand” experiences like this, I give up, ending up alone in a corner somewhere

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 4 (640x447)

When I feel like I`ve been there long enough I sneak out and walk home feeling that I did something wrong. Everybody else seems to have a good time talking with each other

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 5 (640x481)

The following days I come up with lots of things I could have said and done. Oh brain, why wouldn`t you tell me this when I was there. Times like that I often wish I was an extrovert.

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 6 (640x478)

Knowing this is going to happen every time I go to a social gathering I try to avoid them, feeling bad at the same time. The people inviting me will never invite me again. I have to choose, either end up alone in a corner or come up with a bad excuse and spend a night with a conscious constantly beating me up for not going.

Sosial sammenkomst introvert 7 (640x462)

Meeting a person that gives me time is so rare that when it happens I`m so happy and relieved that I don`t know what to do of pure joy

A day of an introverted extra (background actor) – Introverted life

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A day of an introverted extra (background actor).  Every now and then I work as an extra,  a contrast to being an introvert you may say, but to me, it is fun so I make it work anyway.  Heres how a day may look like…

En dag som statist 1 (640x467)

The night before, pack everything needed for the next day.  I do this so I don`t spend much-needed energy on unnecessary things.  My sense of direction is really bad, so I also make sure that I know where the location is.


En dag som statist 2 (640x455)

The day usually starts very early so I make it to the location in time


En dag som statist 3 (640x518)

look at the map one more time – I have no time to get lost


En dag som statist 4 (640x480)

On a public transport of any sort.  Usually thinking of which stop I need to get off, wich people I might meet, and what’s gonna happen during the day.


En dag som statist 5 (640x604)

Finding the location – (yes, made it with no wrong turns :))


En dag som statist 6 (640x554)

Talking to strangers – and maybe occasionally someone I`ve seen before. To an introvert, this is energy draining.


En dag som statist 7 (640x520)



En dag som statist 8 (640x506)

and waiting a little bit more.  You need to be very patient as an extra – Luckily I am.


En dag som statist 9 (640x574)

Ohhh time to work..


En dag som statist 10 (640x600)

this is fun


En dag som statist 11 (640x573)

really fun


En dag som statist 13 (618x640)

hours later – my energy levels start to drop and I have to use my will from now on to stay “awake” and social.  Really – it is fun!!


En dag som statist 14 (640x498)

ok, getting really tired now,


En dag som statist 15 (640x584)

Time to go home soon?


En dag som statist 16 (640x556)

Trying to convince myself that I have lots of energy


En dag som statist 17 (640x526)

come on body


En dag som statist 18 (636x640)

……or maybe not


En dag som statist 19 (640x501)

time to go home


En dag som statist 20 (564x640)

Plunder the fridge. Yes I do eat on set, but when I`m home after a long day at work, I just have to have something to eat


En dag som statist 21 (640x584)

Hurray!! Bed!!