Postcard from Oslo, Norway, half a bridge

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The half bridge is located in the southern part of the Medieval Park.

This bridge has been photographed by tourists throughout the later years, but several of them wonder why it’s there. Therefore, we decided to tell the story of the half bridge as far as we know it:

The story of Oslos half bridge begins in 2011. It was originally to be demolished with its other half to make way for a new highway in Bjørvika. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) was only willing to cost the demolishing of the one half needed to build the highway. They said that the rest had to be covered by the Oslo municipality because of that half belongs to them.  Oslo Environment Agency, however, was denying that this was the case.  In 2012 the half bridge was featured in a news article still without a solution.

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In fall 2013 Norsk Form (foundation for design and architecture) and The Oslo Environment Agency launched a temporary opening of the project Sørenga bridge.

In summer 2014 they asked students from The Oslo School of Architecture and design to build a landscape on the bridge and open it to Oslo`s residents as a unique viewing platform from June to October.

Several cultural foundations arranged workshops for kids and youth, concerts and other activities, but the bridge was also a recreational area and park.

Summer 2015 came with new arrangements and the foundation Sørenga bros Venner (Friends of Sørenga bridge) was established.  Sørenga bros Venner has a Facebook page but their last post was posted December 2015.

It`s unknown to us what happened since then, but today (July 2019) the bridge is still existing closed in yet again because of construction works.   Will the story of the half-bridge continue in the future?

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