The enchanted forest – Pigs!!

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This year Ant King is taking Heffanutt out on an adventure, he will never forget. Heffanutt has never explored the world the way Ant King did before moving in with Heffanutt. Ant King wants to show Heffanutt how to survive in the “outside world”. All the fun and wonderful places that are waiting to be discovered. They are going to the big forest far, far away, a place that the inhabitants of the local forest talk about in front of the fire.
This story begins when Ant King and Heffanutt enters the big forest for the first time.

Heffanutt is looking around, alert. H: Do we dare this? A: Of course, nothing to worry about here.

The path winds its way through the forest. Old trees have fallen over.

H: Oh, look, how cute.


H Ouch!! My paw!


And then poor Heffanutt fall right into the mud.

Ant King can`t help himself and have to giggle. Oh, Heffanutt, you must not touch those pigs. Haven`t you heard of spikepigs?

(If you open the link, I will give you an explanation for spikepig in my second blog)


Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

15 stjerneklart (616x640)

The moment you are just a little tiny creature in a big, big universe. All the billions of stars shining down on you, making you gaze back in awe and wonder…

It`s been calm a couple of days, and Heffanutt dares to walk outside in the dark, with Ant King close by of course.


Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

14 lage snømann (640x408)

Do you like snowmen? Heffanutt does and is building one right now.  He loves the story of the boy who`s snowman is taking him out flying all over the world. It`s an old cartoon/story so you may not know it. But he loves the idea of a snowman coming alive and be able to talk.  Ant King has helped Heffanutt put out a torch so that he can warm his paws when getting cold, but he has been careful not to put it to close to the snowman.

The sun and the joy of being outside doing something fun, helps him calm down and forget what happened last night. After a while, Ant King gives him an old hat he found when cleaning a closet. It suits the snowman very well Heffanutt thinks.


Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

13 Lucia (515x640)

Bought boys refused to play the role of Lucia. It almost ended with no Lucia celebration at all, because without Lucia Ant King said, he wouldn`t participate. Heffanutt being the peacekeeper of the house, hating anything that could remind of quarrels and fights, hastily took on the role, and off they went.

They had not even got out of the house when it happened. Going out of the livingroom and into the kitchen all suddenly went black. Heffanutt scared to death, ran right into Ant King, making them both fall over on the floor. Their candle lights went off when they fell making it pitch black. Arms, legs and costume in all directions in the way of each other.

Ant King finally managed to get up, rushed to the light and turned it on again.  Heffanutt still sitting on the floor with eyes big as plates. What was that?  No one wanted to play Lucia any more, and least of all go outside in the dark.

With Ant King first and Heffanutt close behind they checked the house before able to calm down.

Unable to fell asleep that night Heffanutt sat in his bed with all lights lit, reading a book to sunrise.