Animals and creatures of Christmas, Åsgårdsreia/Julereia

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ÅsgårdsreiaChristmas night, the night when all sorts of dangerous creatures walked freely around, one of these phenomena was Åsgårdsreia or Julereia. It`s the Norwegian version of The wild hunt, a gathering of dangerous offenders, gangsters, criminals, deceased ones, and creatures of all kinds who rode on horses through the air. They caused violence and damage wherever they came, filled water in the beer barrels, ate up Christmas food, announced fights, killing and suicide. They abducted people and horses who came in their way. It was important that the yard was cleared and all the tools used outside were carried in so that Åsgårdsreia did not stumble on its way and caused accidents on the farm.

In order to protect yourself, you could place steel in strategic places, in the grain, in the hay, at the well, an axe or knife was stuck over the farmhouse and stall door and above the animals. The presence of steel should prevent the evil ones from entering the house. Usually, the tools stayed there all Christmas. In Christian times, crosses could be used the same way, painting them with tar across entrance doors and above the animals