Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Ladegården

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Oslo Ladegård was built on the site of the Old Bishop`s Palace who was damaged after Swedish attacks in 1523. After the reformation in 1537 large parts of the palace were torn down. In 1554 the Protestant bishop moved to the residence of the current bishop in Oslo. In 1579 the then mayor of Oslo Christen Mule built a Renaissance building on the ruins of the previous bishop`s palace. Inside this building, King James VI of Scotland, married Princess Anne of Denmark on November 23, 1589.

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After a fire in 1722, the current manor house was erected in 1725 by Karen Toller, who was a Norwegian state owner and ship owner. Oslo Ladegård was built in classical Baroque architectural style. Today the manor house is used by the City of Oslo as a museum and concert hall.

The name Ladegården comes from this area being used for unloading ships with supplies for Akershus Fortress. The word “lade” means to load in this context.

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