The enchanted forest – mind your fingers

Ant King, cartoon, drawing, Heffanutt, illustration, imagination, pencil, The Enchanted Forest

H: Look, berries! Lets stay for a while and pick some A: Okay

A: What! NO not my finger!


H: Here let me put a bandage on

A: What are they anyway? Little bears? Of course! Bearberries. I have heard of them but never seen them before. Cute but …

H: Are you coming? I`m hungry. I hope there are nicer berries in this wood somewhere.

A: Coming!

The enchanted forest – scary cosy

Ant King, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing, Heffanutt, The Enchanted Forest

That was an interesting experience…

H: Did you hear that? A: What?

A: It sounds like cats.

H: The sound comes from that field

H: You go first! A: Hey!

A: It`s ok Heffanutt, nothing sharp here. Heffanutt??

A: Heffanutt? Where are you?

H: So soft and cosy, I can stay here all day long.

A: Hello?? Are you coming soon? Heffanutt?