Bad news again….

Bird, blog troubles

It turns out my computer is still not ok. I`m sorry but I have to take an unwanted break, the computer troubles takes all my attention at the moment. I have schedueled a few post in november and they will be posted as usual, but I won`t be able to read/write comments or read posts from my favourite bloggers.

Luckily I have all 31 posts for my 31 days of December calendar scheduled. There will be a post posted 30.November explaining all about my calendar. It will be repeated in that post that “31 days of December” is an ongoing project. – I hope I have fixed all spelling mistakes and that all text is ready to go – but if you do find mistakes and things seem unfinished please exuse me. It`s unfortunately due to my computer troubles difficult to work on posts. I chose however to publish the scheduled post anyway to keep my blog running even if I`m absent.

Wish you all the best