Bad news again….

Bird, blog troubles

It turns out my computer is still not ok. I`m sorry but I have to take an unwanted break, the computer troubles takes all my attention at the moment. I have schedueled a few post in november and they will be posted as usual, but I won`t be able to read/write comments or read posts from my favourite bloggers.

Luckily I have all 31 posts for my 31 days of December calendar scheduled. There will be a post posted 30.November explaining all about my calendar. It will be repeated in that post that “31 days of December” is an ongoing project. – I hope I have fixed all spelling mistakes and that all text is ready to go – but if you do find mistakes and things seem unfinished please exuse me. It`s unfortunately due to my computer troubles difficult to work on posts. I chose however to publish the scheduled post anyway to keep my blog running even if I`m absent.

Wish you all the best


Heffanutts Halloween Night

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, Halloween

I was able to recreate the movie in time, but unfortunately not the text. The pictures are for the most part self explaining so i took the chance to post it anyway. Luckily as explained on Monday, this is ongoing work, so I`ll add text next year. Ant King is going for an important overnight visit and Heffanutt has to stay home alone. When it`s dark Heffanutt feel safer in his bedroom, so he prepares for the night and stay there until sunrise. Next morning when Ant King is back, Heffanutt is pretending that nothing happened. Heffanutt has a very imaginative mind, but don`t want to admit how scared he really is sometimes.