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Ant King and Heffanutt are up early today, they can hardly wait until afternoon. There are still things to do before the holidays set in.  Ant King is outside, seeing that the yard is in order, his on his way to feed the pony.  Suddenly he hears a banging noise, like hitting two lids together, and a tiny voice “Where`s my porridge?”  “Where`s my porridge?” “Bad luck I call on you”, “I want my porridge”…

The noises are coming from the barn. A little bit concern after all that has happened the last weeks, Ant King sneaks into the barn and when he comes closer to the hayloft, he gets a glimpse of a red woolen cap.  Someone small is standing in the middle of the floor jumping up and down with rage. He holds a wooden empty bowl in one hand and a wooden cracked spoon in the other.  A tiny man, not taller than a little child dressed in knee breeches with stockings and a woolen sweater, clogs on his little feet stomping the floor. His face covered in gray-white full beard is angrily looking at his empty bowl.

Poor little man Ant King is thinking, someone must have stolen his food. Luckily there is lots of grain stored in the barn, so he can make some more.  Careful not to disturb, Ant King, don`t want the little fellow to see him when in such a mood, Ant King sneaks back outside.  First feeding the pony, then he goes inside again telling Heffanutt of what he discovered.

They discuss the possibility that this little man is the same they got glimpses of the last weeks. Heffanutt knows by a lot of stories told as a child that this is not an ordinary little man.  A nisse has moved into their barn, and he is outraged by not being taken into account. Upsetting a nisse is not something you wan`t to do.

Fast as a lightning Heffanutt runs into the kitchen starting to make a big portion of porridge, sending Ant King into the living room to get an old wooden spoon hanging on the wall as decoration. They put a red silk bow on the spoon, and carry it and the pot filled with porridge to the barn.  Before entering they make sure to make some extra noise, giving the nisse a chance to hide.  Heffanutt puts the pot and spoon down on the floor, and in his most polite way asks of forgiveness for being late with the breakfast porridge. He promises to be on time next year.

Ant King and Heffanutt walk back into the house, continuing with their last Christmas decorations. The nisse is now hopefully appeased, and if they continue to treat him well, no accidents or incidents will happen anymore.

Several hours later they sit down to eat dinner when they suddenly see Santa through the window. Hopefully he has some present for them to open.   Oh what a joy!! Heffanutt struggels to sit still, and Ant King rushes as unoticed as he can with his dinner. Both want to finish quickly, but at the same time want the lovely Christmas dinner to last.

24 nissen kommer (640x449)

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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