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22 hugge juletre (640x418)

22nd of December. A Chrismas tree is a must. Lucky Heffanutt and Ant King are able to get it right from the forest behind their house. They found a perfect sized one, not too tall to reach the top but still tall enough for lots of presents underneath it.

It`s fairly mild today, it usaually is every year, a few days before Christmas.  The warmer weather this time of year has a name “kakelinna”.  Kake means cake, and linna is an old word for milder weather.  People believed that because of all baking and cooking going on in every house, making it very warm in the kitchen,  the air outside got heated up too.

2 thoughts on “22.December

    1. Oh yes! I took almost the whole month of, just enjoying the season. I love Christmas so much. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too


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