Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

13 Lucia (515x640)

Bought boys refused to play the role of Lucia. It almost ended with no Lucia celebration at all, because without Lucia Ant King said, he wouldn`t participate. Heffanutt being the peacekeeper of the house, hating anything that could remind of quarrels and fights, hastily took on the role, and off they went.

They had not even got out of the house when it happened. Going out of the livingroom and into the kitchen all suddenly went black. Heffanutt scared to death, ran right into Ant King, making them both fall over on the floor. Their candle lights went off when they fell making it pitch black. Arms, legs and costume in all directions in the way of each other.

Ant King finally managed to get up, rushed to the light and turned it on again.  Heffanutt still sitting on the floor with eyes big as plates. What was that?  No one wanted to play Lucia any more, and least of all go outside in the dark.

With Ant King first and Heffanutt close behind they checked the house before able to calm down.

Unable to fell asleep that night Heffanutt sat in his bed with all lights lit, reading a book to sunrise.

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