Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

Halfway to Christmas, it`s time to wrap up Christmas presents.  Ant King is entering the loft to get the presents they shopped a few days ago.  They are not there…  Ant King looks at several places to make sure that, no, no presents to be found. He walks down again, wondering if Heffanutt might have brought them down already, but doubts it. Heffanutt doesn`t like to go to the loft alone and he is almost never there.  Ant King searches the house, behind doors, under the steps, inside closets, no presents. He tries to keep it a secret, but Heffanutt notices him going around, and soon asks what`s going on.  When telling him, Heffanutt looks back at him with big scared eyes, has the ghost taken our presents? Ant King says as calm as he can “There are no such things as ghosts, Heffanutt”, but he starts to wonder himself.

It`s afternoon and dinnertime, no presents found, disappointed with the idea of having to shop for presents again Ant King goes down the basement to cath something to drink for dinner. He sure needs it, after a long day’s search.  At the bottom of the stairs, he almost stumbles over a heap of shopping bags, what, what are they doing there?? He grabs the bags, forgetting the drink, and runs upstairs again.  “Look Heffanutt, look what I found” he shouts.

12 pakke inn gaver (640x399)

A lot of whispering and silent laugh, the boys are sitting in the dining room with a locked door. Many secrets are shared with Christmas presents bought the other day.  Ant King has emptied the storage of wrapping paper and ribbons, and Heffanutt balanced a lot of cardboard boxes in the room.  They can wrap presents, after all, bet the recipients will be happy.

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