Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

Early morning Heffanutt goes into the kitchen to make breakfast. He stops in the doorway.  What has happened here?

Plates, pots, and wooden spoons all over the floor. The cabinet’s doors are open wide. A lot of flour is spilled over the counter.  Grumpy he starts to clean the mess, angry that Ant King didn`t clean up before going to bed.  Heffanutt usually goes to sleep before Ant King, so he assumes that Ant King had a nightly kitchen raid.

He is still grumpy when Ant King comes into the kitchen ready for another lovely day. “Good morning,” he says, “grumpf,” says Heffanutt. Ant King sits down at the table and starts to eat. The silence is hanging over the room.  Ant Kings tries again, “What a wonderful day to bake”.  Again Heffanutt answers with just a grumpf.  After another while, Heffanutt finally asks why Ant King didn`t clean up his mess from last night.

Ant King just as bewildered as Heffanutt when asked why he stole the sugar, denies that he did any cooking yesterday. In fact, he went to bed half an hour after Heffanutt, feeling tired early that night.

Heffanutt not sure what to believe decides to forget it. Maybe Ant King won’t tell because he was doing some secret Christmas preparations.

Ant King, on the other hand, starts to feel that something mysterious going on, but won’t mention it, afraid to scare Heffanutt.

8 bake kaker (640x389)

After breakfast, they go to work. Everybody loves cookies, don`t they? Ant King and Heffanutt made a huge dough, forgetting how much time it takes to bake them.  Two hours later they still have more dow left.  It`s way past dinner time before a fed up Ant King and a tired Heffanutt finally put the last baking tray in the oven. (Make sure to bake at least seven different cookies according to traditions). Christmas cookies crossed off the to-do list.
Heffanutt baked “bordstabel” too, an old traditional coockie with surten Norwegian origin.

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