Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

3 kaldt ute (640x476)

It`s freezing today, that type of cold when you have to hide your nose in a scarf to be able to breathe. Ant King and Heffanutt are almost running when doing their tasks. Every now and then they still have to stop and look, you see, despite being cold, it’s so amazingly beautiful. Snow crystals in countless numbers shining back at the sun, clear blue sky. At a distance, a red cabin in an all-white landscape, smoke coming out of the chimney, the boy`s neighbour preferring to be inside in freezing temperatures too.

Suddenly a snowball hits Heffanutt, he turns around towards Ant King and grabs a handful of snow ready to throw back at him. When he turns he sees that Ant King is hit by a snowball too. Both look at each other confused, who threw the snowballs? They seemed to be thrown from behind a pile of snow, but when they go around it to see, there’s no one there.

Heffanutt feel chills all over, not only from the cold outside but from a feeling inside too. As in silent agreement they both walk fast inside, wondering what invisible can throw snow.

The warm cosy house soon calms them down, Ant King has got one of his bottles from the basement.  Heffanutt is very curious what he is drinking, and in an unseen moment he smells it – it smells nice and fruity – and then he have to taste it too. Mmmm nice, and his tummy feels so good and warm now… Just a little sip more… ooohhh what`s that… he suddenly becomes a little gigly, and a bit dizzy too.. Ant King comes in, and he is so angry at Heffanutt for drinking his drink. Heffanutt can`t help it he have to giggle a little more… Ant King is fun when angry, he hasen`t seen that before.  The world goes round and round, and suddenly he`s in his bed, wonder how he got there… giggle.. And then the night comes with sleep…

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