1st, 31 Days of December

Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil


The 1st of December is finally here, and the month of Christmas begins. The month starts with a little bit of secrecy. Ant King has tiptoed down to the basement, hoping that no one will follow him. He thinks there`s no proper Christmas without his homebrew. Ant King is looking thoughtfully through all the ingredients.  But where is the sugar? He was certain he had a pack of it on the shelf.  Rather unpleased he walks upstairs to confront Heffanutt. Ant King doesn`t want anyone to disturb him while he is working and no one is allowed to interfere in the brewing process. So why have Heffanutt taken the sugar?

Heffanutt insists he hasn’t touched any sugar, not even walked nowhere near the brewing room.  Ant King is sure he is lying, who else could have taken it, it is only him and Heffanutt living here. A bit annoyed he grabs a pack of sugar in the kitchen and walks back to the basement again.

Heffanutt a bit bewildered, knowing he hasn’t done anything wrong, wondering why he was accused. Ant King must have put it somewhere else and forgot.

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