The enchanted forest – ?

blog troubles, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

There seems like there are days where I can not draw. I`m trying my best to make the picture I want. No matter what I do, it won`t work. My hand is failing me. I`m drawing as I have never seen a pencil before, like the years I have been practising don`t exist. Head is too big, arms too long, body out of proportion. Every attempt feels like a failure today. My grip is usually very loose when drawing, but now I can`t relax. I know what`s in there, but it won`t come out.

Even writing and editing is failing me today, don`t ask how many times I tried to write this… 😃

It is a beautiful day today, so I`m going outside instead and enjoy the sun. Tomorrow is a new day waiting for me with new possibilities. My figures are not going anywhere.


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