Three years!!!


Wow, it`s three years already since I started this blog and I might write post number 1 000 this year. It seems like forever but at the same time gone by so fast.

It`s been a challenging year, both with covid, computer troubles and personal challenges, but I have learned a lot too. To keep going, even if someone tried to stop me. To keep my eyes fixed on that goal and put all my effort into drawing every day.

I`m working on making some money on what I do, I don`t expect much, but just to maintain my blogging and drawing. I have been practising drawing other figures and situations than Heffanutt and Ant King, and hope to make hand-drawn colouring books, to begin with. I have a lot of ideas but need time to put them all together. My future dreams would be to draw pictures and illustrate a children`s book and maybe make another simple movie (cartoon).

I`m excited about the future and looking forward to those bends in the road. I wonder where I am next year.

Hope you have a beautiful summer!


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