The enchanted forest – Pigs!!

Ant King, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing, Enchanted forest, Heffanutt, pencil

This year Ant King is taking Heffanutt out on an adventure, he will never forget. Heffanutt has never explored the world the way Ant King did before moving in with Heffanutt. Ant King wants to show Heffanutt how to survive in the “outside world”. All the fun and wonderful places that are waiting to be discovered. They are going to the big forest far, far away, a place that the inhabitants of the local forest talk about in front of the fire.
This story begins when Ant King and Heffanutt enters the big forest for the first time.

Heffanutt is looking around, alert. H: Do we dare this? A: Of course, nothing to worry about here.

The path winds its way through the forest. Old trees have fallen over.

H: Oh, look, how cute.


H Ouch!! My paw!


And then poor Heffanutt fall right into the mud.

Ant King can`t help himself and have to giggle. Oh, Heffanutt, you must not touch those pigs. Haven`t you heard of spikepigs?

(If you open the link, I will give you an explanation for spikepig in my second blog)

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