Ant King, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, Heffanutt

20 sette opp nek (464x640)

20th of December, only a few days left. Come birds, come and eat…  Remembering the tiny ones at Christmas too.

While admiring the birds Ant King tries ty sumen up what he know about the mysterious creature. At least he hope it`s one and not several. He is the height of a child 2-3 years old, wearing a red wollen hat and probably clogs, and he loves to be mischievous. Ant King can`t figure out why he is behaving as he does, because he nor Heffanutt have enemies they know of. Ant King is more eager to solve the mystery, now more curious than scared. Will they be able to celebrate Christmas in peace and quiet.

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