Ant King, Christmas, Christmas Calendar, Christmas story, Christmas traditions, drawing, Heffanutt, pencil

4 lage snøengler (640x500)

Heffanutt is making a snow angel. Ant King wouldn`t join him, thinking it`s a childish thing to do and he is still a little grumpy about yesterday.  Heffanutt have a terrible headace and couldn`t eat his breakfast.  There is no way he will taste Ant Kings drinks ever again. Heffanutts hoping that a bit of fresh air would help. While laying there, Heffanutt`s thinking of the wonders of winter. Very pleased with the result he runs to get Ant King, telling him to come and take a look.

Ant King is a bit unwillingly, but when he sees the happiness of Heffanutts face he soon follows him to admire the angel.

They both look at the angel wondering, has the neighbor got a child visitor? But why would a child go into a stranger’s garden just to make footsteps all over an angel in the snow?  Little footsteps with something that looks like tiny clogs.

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