A sudden break

beetle, bug, Bird, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, female beetle owner, oval, VW, beetle, Volkswagen, Silver

One of those days your old car decided to stop in the middle of the road… A part of daily life with owning a veteran.  You never know when…

Plutselig pause 1 (640x474)

B: What a beautiful day for a drive S: I must have eaten something I shouldn`t, my stomach doesn`t feel right.





Plutselig pause 2 (640x573)

S: Cough, cough… virrr… cough…  B: Are you alright?


Plutselig pause 3 (640x460)

B: No, don`t stop here, a little bit longer please, so we can pull up to the side. S: Cough, cough.. no… stopping right here…cough

Plutselig pause 4 (640x383)

I`m so sorry ha, ha (nervous laughter) we needed a little break, won`t be long I promise… I got some coffee if you like…

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