Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing, Heffanutt, Heffanutts kitchen
gulrøtter 1 (640x523)

It`s time to harvest the carrots

gulrøtter 2 (640x570)

The pile is growing fast and Heffanutt is very happy how they turned out this year.

gulrøtter 3 (640x625)

But what’s this? Half a carrot with teeth marks?

gulrøtter 4 (640x587)

And this one seems to be stuck.

gulrøtter 5 (640x545)

What`s this? H: Hey!! Let go!!

gulrøtter 6 (640x571)

Mole: Grrrrr H: Oh yeah?

gulrøtter 7 (640x517)

H: Grrrrrrr

gulrøtter 8 (640x521)

Mole: PIV!!!

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