Grocery shopping

Ant King, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing
Handletur 1 (640x457)

It looks like it`s time for a grocery trip.

Handletur 2 (640x461)

Ant King wrote a list and is bringing it along.

Handletur 3 (591x640)

The walk to the store is a pleasure.

Handletur 4 (640x478)

There it is, the local store here in the forest.

Handletur 5 (640x476)

Ant King found everything on the list, now it`s time to go home.


Handletur 6 (640x489)

The bags feel heavy, but he can manage.

Handletur 7 (640x469)

But as he walks, the groceries seem to increase in weight.

Handletur 8 (640x518)

It feels like his arms being stretched.


The ant king and Heffanutt huset til Heffanutt

Finally, he is at home.

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