Morning routine part 1

cartoon, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing, Heffanutt
morgenrutine 1 (640x628)

Heffanutt is usually the one who gets up first.

morgenrutine 2 (522x640)

He loves a long hot shower and starts the day slowly.

morgenrutine 3 (576x640)

After the shower, his furs usually in a complete mess

morgenrutine 4 (640x564)

Time for blowdrying.

morgenrutine 5 (640x591)

Then it`s brushing time – every angel with a dance. Oh, he loves a good brushing.

morgenrutine 6 (640x486)

More brushing, teeth this time.

morgenrutine 7 (640x436)

New day, here I come!!


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