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Brennesle 1 (640x640)

Heffanutt decided to harvest nettles for dinner today. Lots of fresh green nettles.


Brennesle 2 (640x595)

But when he stepped into the lush green, he didn`t see that it was a hole in the ground right where he put his foot.


Brennesle 3 (640x551)

The nettles are full of tiny needle-like hairs, which is difficult to see, but oh so easy to feel. Poor Heffanutt carefully walking out of the field, stung over and over again. Ouch


Brennesle 4 (498x640)

With the feeling of hundreds of “bit” Heffanutt tries to ease the pain.


Brennesle 5 (640x388)

He has heard that cucumber might ease the pain – maybe it doesn`t but he will try anyway. 


Brennesle 6 (640x628)

Hopefully he will be ok soon. 

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