A rainy day and a beetle

beetle, bug, Bird, cartoon, drawing, oval, VW, beetle, Volkswagen, Silver
Regnværsdag ovalen 1 (640x417)

On a rainy day, there is one thing I really like to do. I will go and visit my beetle.


Regnværsdag ovalen 2 (640x375)

Sometimes I bring something nice to drink, a snack and a good book.


Regnværsdag ovalen 3 (640x592)

In the back seat of the beetle, I always have a nice wooly blanket.


Regnværsdag ovalen 4 (588x640)

I`ll take my shoes off and snuggle up.


Regnværsdag ovalen 5 (640x444)

There is nothing like sitting there listening to the rain, smelling the smells of an old beetle, and looking out the little oval window.

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