Active driving with Silver

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One of the things that come to my mind when thinking about driving Silver is active driving.  What I put into that, can be a lot, like; You really don`t know the road you`re driving daily until you have driven it in a really old car.   When you drive a new car (and that can – in comparison with this oldie – be cars from the `80s and up) you just sit there and “wait” until you have arrived at your destination.  But with Silver, it`s totally different…

It`s one thing I like to add, that has nothing to do with the state of the road. Driving Silver makes me either, hum or sing…


kjøre ovalen 1 (640x427)

dum-di-du, trall-aaaaa-la-la… 


or talk out loud, when there`s no one there. It might seem weird, I know, but I can`t help it.

kjøre ovalen 2 (640x508)



Of course, Ant King and Heffnutt join me from time to time, then I can talk to them. And Silver is always there of course.

kjøre ovalen 3 (640x565)

We just need to turn left here…

kjøre ovalen 4 (640x382)

…and then right…

kjøre ovalen 5 (628x640)

Hang on!


Driving Silver is the most joyful way I now, getting from one place to another. Then there is no longer a question about arriving but about the ride.  Whoopsie, a little bump there

kjøre ovalen 7 (640x485)

kjøre ovalen 8 (640x447)




Are you alright guys?

kjøre ovalen 6 (640x311)

Uhh.. oh… mmfff.. yeah, no worries… 

So, you see, a road isn`t just a road anymore, you never know what`s going to happen next.

kjøre ovalen 9 (551x640)

I never knew the road had so many bumps and turns before…




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