Afraid of the dark

cartoon, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, drawing, Heffanutt, The ant king, The ant king and Heffanutt


Mørkredd 1 (640x528)

Time to go home, and it’s dark outside


Mørkredd 2 (640x620)

Ohhh  did you hear that? What is it?


Mørkredd 3 (640x581)

Run, run, run!!


Mørkredd 4 (640x460)

What`s the problem? It`s probably just an animal, a deer or something…Relax


Mørkredd 5 (640x605)

There’s the door, let’s go inside


Mørkredd 6 (640x635)

pheeww… we made it !  Ant King: This is silly, let me get off…

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