A new year and time for some changes

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt


nyttår 2020 endringer 1 (640x478)

I feel weird, and my face doesn`t feel right…



nyttår 2020 endringer 2 (640x541)

Heffanutt!!! What happened to your face??!!?

nyttår 2020 endringer 3 (640x549)

What happened to YOUR face??

nyttår 2020 endringer 4 (640x485)


nyttår 2020 endringer 5 (640x444)

Oopsie… Busted

nyttår 2020 endringer 6 (640x482)

It was time for some development, gave your faces a little “uplift” and more opportunities for expression.

I have decided to put myself into this blog, but I`m not sure how yet. maybe tell you about my life with a twist.  I guess time will tell…

Further on into this year, I might have a surprise figure entering the stage.

The end of last year marked the end of my posting sketches every day, instead, I will post a short cartoon/story once a week. Slowly developing and turning my blog into what I have in mind for the future.  I may post more often later, but I have to see how this works out first. I will continue to practice, practice and practice again, to hopefully get the hang of drawing my characters eventually.  For now, I will continue posting postcards but I`ll wait for springtime before posting regularly,  reducing it to once a week also. I will no longer post sketches/facts about different animals of the world, but instead, Heffanutt posts something from his kitchen. After all, this blog is about Ant King, Heffanutt and me. I will post Mondays, Wednesdays (from springtime), and Fridays from now on.












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