Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Vulkan 1

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At the once industry-heavy bank of the river Akerselva, From 2004 to 2014 Vulkan was transformed from a run-down industrial area to a new neighbourhood. In earlier times there were sawmills, copper hammer, bark stamps, cement factory, brickwork, veneer saw, and chair factory, as well as Oslo’s first widely available shower bath here. Vulkan is located on the west-side of Akerselva at Nedre Foss.

DSC_0133 (640x360)

DSC_0127 (640x360)

With hotels, schools, Oslo’s first food hall (They offer a fresh food market with an exclusive stock of organic, local produce and game), office spaces, cultural venues, restaurants, and apartments, its like a small city within the city. There are also many events which take place here.


DSC_0103 (640x360)

DSC_0110 (640x360).jpg

DSC_0124 (640x360)

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