Animals of the world, Otter

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oter (640x406)

  • The otter is part of the weasel family
  • They can be found from North to South America, Africa to Asia, and all across Europe
  • Otters have long, slim bodies and relatively short limbs. Most have sharp claws on their feet and all except the sea otter have long, muscular tails
  • Almost all otters have webbed feet, some more webbed than others, and they can close off their ears and nose as they swim underwater.
  • Otters make a variety of different vocalizations – they include a high-pitched whistle between a mother and her cubs, twittering noises produced during play-fighting, and cat-like noises when fighting.
  • Otter species except the sea otter live in dens, mostly made by other animals, such as beavers. They can also live on rocks or driftwood.
  • Otters are playful, intelligent and inquisitive animals who are often seen enjoying themselves sliding around on muddy banks or in the snow.
  • They eat fish, clams, lobsters and small animals occurring along the shore
  • Different species vary in their social structure, with some being largely solitary, while others live in groups – in a few species these groups may be fairly large.
  • Otters can live up to 16 years

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