Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Oslo Cathedral

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Oslos tiny Cathedral was first consecrated in 1697, and in 1950 it was restored back to its original baroque interior.

DSC_0132 (640x360)

The pulpit, altarpiece and organ front with acanthus carvings are all originals. Oslo Cathedral contains both objects and pieces from the to former cathedrals in Oslo

DSC_0110 (640x360)

DSC_0128 (640x360)

The devil of Oslo. This stone carving is the church’s oldest heirloom.   It was made around 1100 and its origin is believed to be Hallvardskirken (Hallvards church). It shows a human being attacked by a dragon and a lion.


DSC_0138 (640x360)


The bronze doors with decorations were made in 1938.

DSC_0134 (640x360)

DSC_0135 (640x360)

DSCPDC_0001_BURST20191104100044318 (640x360)



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