Animals of the world, Fennec Fox

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Fennec Fox (640x451)

  • The Fennec Fox or Fennec is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.
  • The Fennec is characterized by its small size (head and body length 36–41 cm [14–16 inches], weight about 1.5 kg [3.3 pounds]) and large ears,  which also serve to dissipate heat.
  • The ears of a Fennec are sensitive enough to hear prey that may be underground
  • Their thick fur is pale brown to almost white in colour enabling them to camouflage easily in their desert environment.
  • Fennecs are highly specialized for life in the deserts being found almost exclusively in arid, sandy regions.
  • Fennec foxes live in underground dens for habitation and protection
  • Fennec foxes make a variety of sounds, including barking, a purring sound similar to that of a domestic cat, and a snarl if threatened
  • The Fennec fox hunts rodents, insects, birds, and browses desert grasses and fruits
  • Fennec foxes are highly social animals, living together in family groups that may number up to 10 individuals

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