Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Fredensborgveien 2

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Fredensborgveien 12 In 2000 a mason found this tombstone during a renovation. It was hidden inside the wall for 130-140 years. The house was built between 1862-1869.

DSC_0114 (640x360)

Research has revealed that the tombstone belonged to a danish born man Han(s) Olsen (Ribe, Denmark year 1600). It is unknown when he moved to Norway, but according to the writing on the tombstone, he was a painter and died on July 1643.  At the time of his death, there was a cathedral where Akersgata 2 is today where he was buried. 21 April 1686 the cathedral tower was hit by lightning both the cathedral and 1/3 of the city burned down.


DSC_0118 (640x360)

The tombstone remained at the fire site almost 200 years before used as a building stone.  In August 1923 one half of the stone was found and delivered to Oslo City museum. The local newspaper wrote about the finding and also what was written on the stone.  The newspaper also stated that the other half mite appear one day – and it did, almost 80 years later.

Imagine if Han(s) Olsen new that people would still talk about him several hundred years after his death.

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