Animals of the world, Emperor Tamarin

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Keiser Tamarin (640x346)

  • Emperor Tamarins are found in the Amazon Basin portions of Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil in South America.
  • The Emperor Tamarin is named after its iconic white moustache, which was thought to resemble that of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany.  Both males and females have a moustache, which extends beyond their shoulders.
  • Their fur is mainly grey-yellow with a reddish tail and black hands and feet
  • The animal reaches a length of 23–26 centimetres (9–10 in). It weighs approximately 500 grams (18 Oz)
  • They live in trees, jumping from branch to branch
  • Emperor Tamarins eat a diet of fruits, flowers, insects, snails, and small animal prey
  • They are very active and sociable animals. They love to be stroked and to play with each other.
  • Emperor Tamarin groups consist of a dominant female and at least two mature males plus offspring. The average size of the group Tamarins live in is two to eight individuals, but it can range from four to eighteen.
  • They communicate with each other by frowning, staring and tongue flicking.
  • Lifespan 15-18 years

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