Animals of the world, Capybara

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Capybara (640x478)

  • Capybaras are mammals from South America. They live in a variety of habitats including swamps, marshes, and forests near ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • The Capybara is the world’s biggest rodent with the guinea pig being its closest relative.
  • They have a heavy, barrel-shaped body which sits on relatively shorter legs, shorter in the front than the back
  • The Capybaras have long, coarse hair of reddish-brown fur on the upper part of its body that turns yellowish-brown underneath.
  • Adult Capybaras stand 50 to 62 cm (20 to 24 in) tall at the withers, and typically weigh 35 to 66 kg (77 to 146 lbs)
  • They are very social and gather near water in groups of 10- 20 individuals, but can be found in groups as large as 100 individuals. These groups usually include one dominant male, several adult females, their offspring, and subordinate males
  • Capybaras communicate using barks, whistles, clicks, squeals, and grunts.
  • Feeding mostly in the afternoon, and on and off at night, capybaras tend to doze in the morning
  • In the wild, they will eat grass, aquatic plants, fruit, and tree bark.
  • As is the case with other rodents, the front teeth of Capybaras grow continually to compensate for the constant wear from eating grass
  • When threatened, Capybaras will jump into the water and hide beneath the surface. They can hold their breath for almost five minutes

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