Animals of the world, Eland Antelope

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Eland Antilope (640x594)

  • Elands are found in grassland, mountain, acacia savanna, and miombo woodland areas of East and Southern Africa
  • An adult male is around 1.6 metres (5′) tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 942 kg (2,077 lbs) with an average of 500–600 kg (1,100–1,300 lbs)
  • Their fur differs geographically, with Elands in North Africa having distinctive markings (torso stripes, markings on legs, dark garters and a spinal crest) that are absent in the south
  • Both sexes have horns with a steady spiral ridge
  • Elands can trot for hours and are prodigious high jumpers and can jump an 8-foot fence from a standstill, but they cannot sustain a gallop.
  • Usually fawn or tawny-coloured, elands turn grey or bluish-grey as they get older
  • Elands are both browsers and grazers. They feed mainly on green grass and leaves during the rains and then switch to foliage during the dry season. They also consume certain fruits, large bulbs, and tuberous roots.
  • They eat in the morning and evening, rest in the shade when hot and remain in sunlight when cold.
  • The social organization of the Eland is somewhat different from that of other antelopes. The older the male, the more solitary its tendencies, while younger animals may form small groups.
  • Common elands form herds of up to 500 animals, but are not territorial
  • The Common Eland is used by humans for leather, meat, and rich, nutritious milk, and has been domesticated in many areas.
  • Lifespan is 15 to 20 years

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