Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Aker Brygge 1

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Aker Brygge is known for its strip of restaurants along the boardwalk, but for around 200 years ago (then called Holmen) it looked totally different, with only a few industrial buildings and some houses.

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From 1854 to 1982 Aker Brygge was home to Akers Mekaniske Verksted, a leading company in the Norwegian Shipbuilding and offshore industries. One of the most dramatic events during WWII began with a milk strike at Akers Mekaniske Verksted. The food supplies had worsened more and more during the war, and when milk was no longer delivered to the workplace from Monday the 8th of September 1941,  workers began a strike.  Tuesday the 9th more than 25 000 workers refused to work.  On 10 September, union leaders Rolf Wickstrøm and Viggo Hansteen were executed by the Germans. They were the first Norwegians to be sentenced to death during the occupation on political grounds.

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In 1967, Akers Mekaniske Verksted built the Ocean Viking drilling Platform, this is where the Norwegian oil boom began.  Ocean Viking undertook the first test drilling operations on the Norwegian Shelf.

Norway`s shipping industry was badly affected by the international shipping crisis that began in the seventies. Akers Mekaniske Verksted was closed in 1982 and the quay was transformed into Aker Brygge. The architecture at Aker Brygge is distinctive, with its combination of old, venerable shipyard buildings and modern architecture

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Aker Brygge is teeming with activity round the clock, and it doesn’t cost you anything to wander along the quay and enjoy the fresh sea air.

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