Animals of the world, Tarsier

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Tarsier (640x507)

  • Tarsiers are found only on various islands of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.
  • The fur is thick, silky, and coloured grey to dark brown. They have a nearly naked tail except for a tuft of hair at its end.
  • In comparison with his body size, the eyes of the Tarsier are huge, giving it a very acute night vision that makes them good night hunters.
  • The Tarsier is unusual in having especially long ankle bones, allowing it to jump at least 3m from tree to tree without having to touch the ground
  • The long fingers and toes of the Tarsier are tipped with pads and have nails to help them grip onto branches and prey, with long, curved claws on their second and third digits which are used for grooming
  • Tarsiers also have large bat-like ears which are incredibly sensitive to detect even the slightest sounds close-by.
  • Mostly active at night, it lives on a diet of insects, lizards, and snakes.
  • At day time, they hide in hollows close to the ground
  • Adults live in monogamous pairs and keep in contact vocally during the night, defending territory against other pairs using extremely high-pitched calls

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