Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Oslo City Hall 3

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The carillon in the Oslo City Hall’s bell tower has long been a traditional part of daily life in the Norwegian capital, chiming on the quarter-hour and also playing an occasional concert

As early as in 1922 there were plans for a carillon. 4 bells were cast and installed as a chime by Olsen Nauen Bell Foundry for the inauguration of the City Hall in 1950. Two years later the carillon was completed with 34 bells from F. Causard Founderies in Colmar.

Entering the millennium, the City Hall could celebrate 50 years. A new carillon of 49 bells was installed by Olsen Nauen including two bells from 1950.

The largest bell carries the city of Oslo’s logo with the patron Saint Hallvard and the motto of the city; «Unanimiter et constanter».

DSC_0001 (640x360)

At 6 a.m the 17th August 1998, a light aircraft (a Piper Pawnee) flew between the towers of the Oslo City Hall.  The distance between the two towers are aproximately 25 meters  (82 foot).  The manouver was called  “chilling and possible deadly” by the Civil Aviation Administration.  The stunt is said to be inspired by a history of a flyer who did the same thing during the liberation days of 1945.

DSC_0065 (640x360)

DSC_0070 (640x360).jpg

Statue of St Hallvard

DSC_0113 (640x360)



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