Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Akershusstranda

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Akershusstranda: Akershusstranda is located just under Akershus fortress and castle. Along the pier, there are three historic boats moored, “Styrbjörn”, “Børøysund” and “Alta”.

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“Styrbjörn” was built in Gothenburg in 1910 and was at the time one of Scandinavias most powerful steam tugs.  “Styrbjörn” assisted ore bulk carriers in the harbour of Narvik, under the Swedish flag, until 1963.  The tug was sunk in 1940 during the battle of Narvik, salvaged and restored the same year. It was partly rebuilt and modernized in 1950, keeping the original steam engine and coal-fired boiler.  “Styrbjörn” was bought by Norsk Veteranskibsklub (Norwegian Historic Ship Society) in 1979 and restored by members of the society on a voluntary basis, and has been sailing again since 2005.  The tug is used at maritime events, fjord cruises, etc.



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“Børøysund” was built in Trondhjems Mek. Værksted in 1908 for Trondhjems Lægtercompagni. It has a triple expansion`s team engine and coal-fired boiler both originally from 1908. The vessel was originally named “Odin” and was a combined tug and passenger ship with 1st. and 2nd. class lounges, cargo hold and post office. During World War I the ship was equipped with guns and served as a guard ship in the Trondheim Fjord.  The ship was sold and shifted names several times before Norsk Veteranskibsklub (The Norwegian Society for Historic Ships) saved the ship from scrapping in 1969. The active members of the society run the ship on voluntarily basis. It’s used for open tours, cultural events, etc.  In addition, “Børøysund” has also been participating in numerous films and TV-productions.   

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Minesweeper “Alta” was built in Maine, USA in 1953. It sailed a short time under the American flag before transferred to the Belgian navy. In 1966 “Alta”, then named “Arlon” was given to the Norwegian Navy.  

In 1996 The Armed Forces Museum became the new owner of the minesweeper. “Alta” is unique as the first (Norwegian?) naval vessel to operate civilian.

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