Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Vippetangen

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During the summer this part of the waterfront springs to life with cruise passengers, island hoppers and fishermen. As much of the Fjord City, Vippetangen is being developed to attract even more visitors.

As a part of the Oslo Fjord City project, there are plans to develop Vippetangen to become more interesting to the general public. There are talks of a visitors’ attraction and to rebuild the cruise terminals to make room for a more urban space.

The first part of the project would be to address the ferries to Denmark. Once the terminals are rebuilt, the real work of developing the entire area can start.

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At the break of dawn, the employees at Fiskehallen (the fish hall) are out distributing fish to shops and restaurants in town. But some like to catch their own fish and people line up at Vippetangen and Akershusstranda from early morning to late night hoping for a few mackerels to bring back home. In order to get the best spots, eager fishers need to get up early.

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Alongside the harbour promenade, you can find several small meadows. Until the introduction of modern agriculture meadows for haymaking were a common sight in Norway and a species-rich habitat for plants and insects. The meadows scattered around Oslo are made, for yours and the pollinating insects`enjoyment. The municipality has set as a goal to create a network of flower meadows through the city to ensure the survival and spread of pollinating insects.   The meadows are a part of Spirende or “Sprouting” Oslo, the municipality of Oslo`s project on urban agriculture. It is about growing food, beekeeping, animal husbandry and facilitating for pollinating insects.

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