Animals of the world, The lowland streaked tenrec

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Stripete tenrec (640x441)

  • There are two species in the genus Hemicentetes, both are found only on Madagascar
  • Lowland streaked tenrecs are found in tropical rainforest habitats. They can be found on land, splashing in shallow waters or digging underground.
  • The lowland streaked tenrec can grow to an average length of 140 mm, however, adults have been recorded to grow up to a maximum of 172 mm.
  • They have black and yellow quills covering their bodies and have four primary longitudinal yellow stripes. Both species have barbed detachable quills to use as a defence mechanism
  • Streaked tenrecs prefer to eat earthworms, they may also eat insects and fruit
  • Most tenrecs possess a long snout for poking around in the ground to find their food
  • The streaked tenrec lives in long, shallow burrows which are usually occupied by family groups
  • The streaked tenrec is the only mammal known to use stridulation for generating sound, a method more commonly associated with insects and snakes
  • Lowland streaked tenrecs can live 30 months in captivity. How long either species lives in the wild is unknown

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