Animals of the world, Wolverine

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Wolverine (640x466)

  • Wolverines a member of the weasel family, frequent remote boreal forests, taiga, and tundra in the northern latitudes of Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • It resembles a small, squat, broad bear. The legs are short, somewhat bowed; Their paws are large and furry, and act as snowshoes that keep wolverines from sinking into the snow.; the semi-retractile claws, long and sharp; the ears, short; and the teeth, strong.
  • Wolverines have thick, dark, oily fur, which is highly hydrophobic, making it resistant to frost. A light-silvery facial mask is distinct in some individuals, and a pale buff stripe runs laterally from the shoulders along the side and crossing the rump just above a bushy tail
  • The adult wolverine is about the size of a medium dog, with a length usually ranging from 65–107 cm (26–42 in),
  • The Wolverine is a solitary, nocturnal hunter, with a taste for meat not hesitating to attack sheep, deer, or small bears. They eat a bit of vegetarian fare, like plants and berries, during the summer season. These opportunistic eaters also feed on carrion
  • Wolverines are a shy species. They live in dens made out of snow tunnels, rocks and boulders
  • The average lifespan in the wild is 7 to 12 years

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