Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Langkaia

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A 600 meters long harbour promenade  stretching from the Opera to Vippetangen built 1906-1909

DSC_0078 (640x360)

DSC_0027 (640x360)

Langkaia no 1; Havnelageret (The harbour warehouse)  is the only building with address Langkaia.

Construction of Havnelageret was very complicated because as a result of its large size, the building had to be built on bedrock laying 20 meters below ground. Havnelageret was finally based on the 130 pillars, which laid on 1550 piles in total. When finished, the building was so substantial that Havnelageret was used as an air raid- shelter during the Second World War.

DSC_0013 (640x360)

When Havnelageret was completed in 1921, it was the largest concrete building in Europe and the largest building in the Nordic countries.  In the 1980s Havnelageret was no longer used as a warehouse due to less demand for storage space, and current needs are mostly met outside the quay area itself.

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